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Interactive Experiential Marketing

It is no longer enough to simply write and send a press release or pitch a new product. Media AND consumers are looking for experiences, fun and interactive ways that brands can make their mark. Mugsy PR can help you enhance the visibility and viability of a news announcement, product launch, performer showcase and more with cutting edge event marketing initiatives,taking events from conception to execution or adding our Mugsy PR flair to your existing event.

Public Relations, Consulting & Branding

Whether it’s a fabulous front page article, a spot on the leading talk show or a piece in a national outlet, Mugsy PR gets you noticed! Take your brand into the spotlight and down the red carpet, transform your concept into something to buzz about and control the conversation about your business or product. We help new and emerging brands define their look, feel and style. And, if you are looking to re-brand your existing business, we can help there too!

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Online celebrity? We know it’s possible. Get more likes, follows, favorites and engagement in the world of social media. As digital storytellers, Mugsy PR lets your brand personality shine while creating vibrant content and viral campaigns. And don’t let the infinite possibilities of online marketing leave you overwhelmed. Mugsy PR can manage all of your digital marketing to best leverage the fastest-growing space in marketing and PR!

We are always creating., curating., designing., promoting.