It is only Tuesday and already our brains runneth over with all the stuff we have looked up in only the last two days. Here are five of my faves:

1. The Best of the Worst. 

They aren’t lying. These are absolutely 4 of the worst PR ideas ever.

2. Feeling Lucky? Not as lucky as NYC is…

A quadruple rainbow was seen in New York today. How cool is that?! I don’t have much more to say about it beyond that, but that is a whole lot of luck shining down on NYC!

3. Express Yourself – Bully Free 

“We believe that users must feel safe on Twitter in order to fully express themselves.”  New policies and product updates on Twitter to combat abuse have gone into effect today. Love seeing Twitter taking an active stance.

4. Voyeuristic Virtuoso.

Noah Wall is an experimental musician whose new album Live At Guitar Center, is a series of recordings of nameless musicians testing out instruments at Guitar Center, with no idea they are being recorded. Wall himself states the album is basically unlistenable, so we are already taking bets on whether or not it goes platinum.

5. Boca History Mysteries.

Did you know there is a historical fireplace hidden in a wall at the Boca Resort? Did you know Boca Raton has been the birthplace of as many tech advances as Silicon Valley? Did you know Boca played a huge part in WWII?  Researching for Boca Raton Historical Society & Museum pitching today has led me to so many interesting facts about Boca. If you’ve never visited the museum – get in there and find out how many stereotypes this city breaks.