Namaste Inside

by May 18, 2020

For a long time now the world itself has been in a rush. We go, go, go and never really take the time to truly focus, guided by ambition and “the hustle” instead of feeling guided by inner peace. However, for a few millennia, meditation has produced almost entirely positive results across cultures and religions and has been explored by many successful people. Why does it constantly yield positive results? If you explore yourself and come to peace with you, you’ll find peace in your external world.

But what happens when your world changes due to a global pandemic? While we were JUST figuring out a good flow to business and life – BOOM – change happens. As it always does and always will. Now what?

Here at Mugsy we believe the answer is still meditation. These days more than ever, we could use a little more peace and a little less…everything. For 30 minutes a day, everyone who works at Mugsy takes a meditation break. The reason: a little more peace means more patience in your day – with yourself and others – and since we are all stuck at home and a little less patient than usual, it seemed pretty darn necessary to enact the practice as a company standard. 

Now we can save our energy for when it is really needed instead of freaking out over every little thing. It is a change in company culture that has changed EVERYONE here for the better.

One of the other beautiful benefits of meditation (especially for busy people) is using this time to visually or imaginatively plan out how you see the day playing out. Instead of rushing to make a to-do list, meditate first on the most important aspects and root pieces of a project and then focus on those. 

With only 10 minutes of meditation a day you can change your mindset and with 30+ minutes a day you will truly see a difference in your efficiency in the workplace like getting jobs finished in only a quarter of the time it would normally take because you are so focused. Through meditation you can take new projects and stresses head on with minimal time to readjust all while staying clear minded. 

Surprisingly by taking time out to find your zen, you will see you have more time for the relationships in your life, more valuable actions at work, and a more level-headed approach to all of it. Even if you’re successful now, imagine what THAT would feel like! 

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We are not claiming to be experts here or enlightened any more than anyone else, but what we have noticed is that in this quarantine, it seems like the universe was forced to pause, and so we did, and we found it worked so now we pause every day for a bit to reflect.  I mean, who are we to argue with the universe?!