COVID Memes!

by Apr 16, 2020

Here on the blog we try to write what’s on our mind each week, and yet all that has been on our minds for about a month or more now is the coronavirus. However we also try not to spread any false news or rehash bad news, and the facts are hard to sort through so we’ve decided instead to spread some smiles. Below are three of our favorite Covid-19 memes to help get you through the week(not that it matters what day it is anymore!). 

A classic…

Photo courtesy of The Funny Beaver 

Old School Humor…

Photo courtesy of Shut Up and Take My Money

Speaking of games, some are now easier…

Photo courtesy of the Chattanooga Times Free Press

And hobbies, well – all of mine are cancelled…

Photo courtesy of Rebel Mouse 

Finally, it’s the meme we can ALL relate to:

Photo courtesy of Rebel Mouse 

Send us your favorites too!