I’m an avid reader and many times I prefer a good business book to a novel. I love learning while I read and if I can boost our productivity, sales or customer service in some way, I am happy to pick up a book about it. I will admit though, in reviewing my reading list, it tends to lean towards white female entrepreneurs. This summer that is about to change. Taking the lead from one of our clients who has decided to expand her reading list, we are going to do the same. 

Thankfully, there are a LOT of round-ups of entrepreneurship and business books that span all races and ethnicities. I have made a list of five to start with but I can’t wait to add more as the months go on to really broaden my knowledge and opportunity to learn. Here are the first five I have picked and I would LOVE to hear suggestions of what to read next! Comment below with your faves! 

  1. Strategize to Win by Carla H. Harris 
  2. Leapfrog by Nathalie Molina Nino 
  3. The Work: Searching for a Life That Matters by Wes Moore
  4. Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self Reliant and Rich in Every Way by Nely Galan
  5. Your Next Level Life by Karen Arrington

Don’t forget to drop a comment and tell me your favorite business books too!