There was a lot to see and read this week! What did I miss in my Top Ten Round-up that is on YOUR mind today?

1. Top Ten Reasons To Miss Dave.  David Letterman signed off for the last time yesterday with his final Late Show. A celebrity packed, tear jerking episode that paid tribute to a legend. Did you watch? What was your favorite part? For me – it was Bill Murray in a cake!

2.  All Publicity is Good Publicity? Curt is a 23 year old musician with a new hat. Not really breaking news, but everyone from Yahoo to well…Mugsy, is now talking about it. Why? Because Curt’s new hat has a Facebook page, a vanity license plate and a billboard. Not to mention a donations site. Profits are going to charity, but all that publicity is going right to Curt’s head (pun fully intended).

3. Flats Fiasco. Definitely feeling bad for the Cannes Film Festival PR team this week. Though Cannes has always had a dress code (formal wear for the most part), this year they apparently have a new rule. Women have been reporting that they are unable to attend the Cannes film screenings unless they are wearing heels. Women in flats have been turned away at the door. Sexism in Hollywood has always existed, but I think this takes it to a new low. What do you think? Fair or not?

4. When I’m Sixty-Four. Get your tissues ready. If you haven’t already seen this on Facebook, this is an incredible video where through the power of special effects makeup an engaged couple in their 20’s get to see each other age through their 50’s, 70’s and 90’s. Such a beautiful, touching experience. 

5. Baby Love. What do you do when you’re an NBA MVP at yet another press conference? Let your daughter takeover the spotlight for a while. If you missed Stephen Curry’s daughter Riley (2 years old) at his press conference after Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, check out the video. She is an MVP all on her own.