3 Ways To Kick Your Own Butt Into Gear

by Jul 31, 2015

When you work in an office and you don’t feel good, you call in sick and get to take a day off. When you own the company and you wake up with the flu, you go to work anyways. Sure, your office may be the sofa and your suit might be pajamas, but it doesn’t make working when sick any easier. What do you do when you have no motivation, but still need to get work done? Here are the top three Mugsy PR tips (and one personal recipe) to kick your own butt into gear when you feel too sick to work.

1. Get Dressed. It is definitely easier to sit around in PJs all day when you are sick, but once you take a shower and get dressed you’ll automatically feel a little better. It is like tricking your body into thinking all is normal for a bit. Plus it is easier to slack off in flannel than it is in a pretty dress. You’ll feel more inspired to get things done, and maybe people won’t annoy you all day with the typical “aw, you look so sick!”.

2. Autopilot for the Day. Ok, so you’ve made it to the office or at least to your laptop on the sofa and you are ready to work. Do whatever is NEEDED to get done immediately while the cold medicine you took this morning is kicking in and you’re feeling on top of the world and not yet med-head loopy. Then go on auto pilot. Do all those small items that always need to get done, but you don’t have time to do because you’re busy doing important items on deadline. At the end of the day you will have accomplished a lot without expending a lot of energy or brain power. Success!

3. Treat Yourself. If you find yourself lacking in motivation mid day with a need for more medicine (or a nap), then treat yourself. Take the rest of the day off. You already did your important work in the morning. Can’t take time off? Get yourself your favorite type of coffee treat. Get a piece of cake at lunch. Go outside for a few minutes and treat yourself with some sunshine and fresh air. Ideally you’d go home and crawl into bed for a nap, but when that isn’t an option – give yourself a little incentive to get through the last couple of hours.

Hopefully that gets you through your day, but if you’re REALLY hurting and need to entertain after work as well (as we often do in PR), my final tip comes straight from experience. Stop at a grocery store and pick up Tumeric, Cumin, Cinnamon and Cayenne Pepper. Grab a whole lemon and honey as well. Mix together a qtr of a teaspoon of each spice and combine in an 8 oz. glass of boiling hot water. Squeeze in half a lemon and add honey for taste. Chug it because it isn’t awesome tasting cold, but I can guarantee you’ll make it through your after work obligations like a champ!