I am a proud partner today!  I was so excited to open up one of my favorite local blogs, The Tropical Sun, and see such an incredible piece on Mugsy and my ‘Partner in PR’, Sarah Caro for their #SmallBiz Spotlight.

Below is just a snippet, but you can read the entire piece here.

Owners of Mugsy PR


The Tropical Sun recently sat down with Sarah Caro, Co-owner and Vice President of Mugsy PR (and a Boca Raton resident) to learn a little more about social media marketing, brand reputation management, and of course, public relations.

We asked Sarah to share five fun and fabulous aspects of her business with us. Our sit down showed us that the Mugsy PR team certainly lives up to their motto: “a little bit quirky, a little bit analytical and a lot of awesome, all rolled into one.”

Join us as we get to know more about Sarah and the impressive team at Mugsy PR.

Read the full article at The Tropical Sun.