A Change Is Gonna Come…

by May 14, 2015

Whether we like it or not, things change. People, places, companies – they all evolve. Today, a big change has come. Quietly and a tad bit low key for typical Facebook announcements, but if you work in the world of media – it is huge.

Facebook has announced today, an innovation that will change the way we receive media on the social site. Whereas a link from a media outlet, let’s say Sun-Sentinel for example, would take you from Facebook to the Sun-Sentinel website. As of today, many outlets, including BuzzFeed, The New York TimesThe Guardian and others, have signed on to be content producers ON Facebook.

What this means is that content will be published directly on to the social media site, no longer removing you from Facebook to read full articles and posts. This is a game changer in how we view content and how traditional media interacts with social media.


I for one look forward to seeing how this changes the PR industry as well. A change is gonna come – and we are ready for it!

For more information, Poynter.org has a comprehensive article on the full Facebook changes.