It’s official…You’ll no longer need a Google+ account to use YouTube or any other Google sites.


What does it mean? You no longer have to have one identity across Google to use all of it’s services (i.e. YouTube, etc.). Unfortunately for Google, it means one of their ultimate goals has failed.


If you’re asking for my “personal” opinion…I like being logged into my Google (GMail) account and having access to my Chrome bookmarks bar from whatever computer, YouTube and GChat all in one. From a “business” perspective, I definitely thinks this makes sense.


Since Mugsy PR specializes in publicity and social media campaigns, this was an interesting announcement. Google+ has tried to compete with Facebook and Twitter for years now. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.


This is big news for social media experts and now will call for changes and updates to all of our social media campaigns.


Read more of the Business Insider story.


The result: some are happy and some are not.


Our question to you: How does this change your social media strategy?