In the PR and social media world, we sometimes exist in a bubble. Even when we go to conferences and such, we tend to see and network with the same people, see the same panels, and learn the same techniques. Sometimes it helps to look outside your comfort zone.

Which is why we have found ourselves at the DRIVEN US Music Conference for the last two days. Mugsy PR has quite a few “entertaining” clients, and as the bands, musicians and performers we rep are getting bigger and better, we need to as well.

While we may not have had too much to say in the panels about music production or the levels of bass in a song, we have learned some invaluable pieces of information and tips from top industry professionals such as Warped Tour Founder Kevin Lyman, Director of A&R Eric McLellan, Grammy winning Producer Supa Dubs, Co-Founder of ReverbNation Lou Plaia and more.

We still have a full day of panels left to go, but the best piece of advice we have heard so far, which fits for bands, performers and any brand out there, is: “Create Fanatics Out of Fans”. Which is excitingly what we have been preaching in our own speaking engagements this year.

Overall I have taken several pages of notes, met with some incredible performers and professionals (many of whom we have exchanged cards with for potential new clients!), and learned some things we would never know about if we had only stuck to the same old conferences we typically hit up.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned at a panel discussion or conference?