Mondays may not be your favorite day of the week, but it comes around every 7 days so you might as well embrace it. So instead of feeling the #MondayBlues…It’s time to get your #MotivationMonday on!


I won’t lie that Monday mornings aren’t always rainbows and sunshine for me, but I’ve gotten pretty good and making them a day to look forward to. Here are a couple of my tips to get up and at it on the right foot:


jobwindowMotivation-MondayGet your Monday work out fit ready the night before: On Sunday nights, I have a little routine that goes hand-in-hand with getting laundry done – picking out my Monday outfit! I usually pick out some of my favorite accessories for a Monday work day because it makes me smile all day!


Peruse emails a little early: Usually Sunday is my “Sunday Funday” time with family, friends, shopping or the beach. And trust me…it will always be that way. However, I do take at least 30 minutes to an hour to take a look at emails received over the weekend. Then I just make a small reminder list for Monday and that makes the day organized from the start!


Make your lunch dates on Monday: While most people save their lunch dates with friends for Fridays, I say reschedule them for Mondays! The minute your alarm clock goes off in the morning you’ll automatically have something to look forward to that will also break up your day. Not to mention, you’ll have your to-do list already organized and your outfit ready to go the night before!


What helps you get ready for a Monday?