Evidence of Life

by Sep 23, 2015

So….I was catching up on one of my favorite shows last night (American Pickers) and heard a quote that made me very happy!

Clutter is the evidence of life.

For me…this makes everything awesome! I have clutter in the home office with papers everywhere, clutter in the kitchen (only a little after the remodel), clutter in my purse (or what I like to call my Mary Poppins bag), clutter in the garage (leftovers from the remodeled kitchen)…etc, etc, etc.

Being a logistical person, clutter typically makes me nervous. I have to make sure my files are properly put in their place, business cards are in every purse, bag and clutch they need to be in, and the computer is properly backed up every morning.

With so much clutter it can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, while going through multiple emails last night, I heard that quote and suddenly felt better. “Clutter is the evidence of life,” and its true! So much clutter…so much great clutter…so much life! I remembered what makes both living and working so much fun!