After work today, I took to the grocery store and then went on to make some good eats for dinner! I usually watch Netflix on the iPad in the kitchen while I cook, but instead I had it on the Xfinity To Go app watching TV with my computer out searching for what I felt like cooking.

And there it all was….almost every show on in the background was Halloween-themed and I’m even starting to see glimmers of ads, promotions and articles online getting ready for other holidays to come….ALREADY!

Since there’s an abundance of holiday goodness going on, I’m keeping the trend going with my Fab Five of the week.


Really? It’s time to shop? I’ve seen it start already…and it’s not even mid-October. I saw my first commercial promoting layaway for the holidays and then another commercial touting the benefits of the “easy pay” on your phone with a song in the background that many people relate the holidays too. I’m used to the ads and commercials starting even a little before Thanksgiving…but this is something else.

Boo! Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. And the funny part is that I don’t even go out or dress up for the holiday! I love it because it always seems to be the day each year in South Florida that the weather cooperates. The humidity takes it’s own holiday, the temperature drops just a bit and there’s usually a little bit of a breeze. The perfect weather for keeping the windows open so kids know you’ve got candy ready for them to come on over and get!

Recipe Planning. While I love shows like Brooklyn 99, American Horror Story and Family Guy, some of my ultimate favorite shows are on Food Network (Emily knows…lol). Yes they have their themed shows on know preparing for Halloween, but I’ve even seen a few shows that are making me think of recipes for Thanksgiving. And yes…I’ve already got a dessert recipe I want to try this year from one of my faves: Ina Garten!

Decor and More: With the holidays, the inevitable decorating of your home comes along. What was the last store you walked in? What was the last major street you drove on? Have you noticed anything in particular? If not…be sure to take a closer look. Some stores are skipping right over Halloween and moving straight to the Thanksgiving decorations…and some even Christmas decorations! Meanwhile, some neighborhood entrances and even city streets are starting to get their December holiday lights up and ready with plenty of time to spare!

Travel Tumult: If you’re someone who heads out of Florida to spend the holidays with family elsewhere, now is the time to book those flights! I searched last weekend for flights to Texas (where my hubbs hails from…lol) and they are VERY reasonable. Almost 1/3 less than what we paid in the past. The reason? We of course procrastinated until the middle of November last year and literally paid the price. I’m hoping we can book our flight before Halloween and save a bundle! Be sure to take a look for yourself if you plan to fly for the holidays!