Fab Five of the Week: World Series to Sexpose

by Oct 23, 2015

There’s definitely a lot going on this week that has been “top of mind” for me. So let’s get to it.

Fall in South Florida: Ok…yes…it’s officially Fall/Autumn in South Florida. But, besides a slight dip in humidity and slight increase of a breeze, nothing is too out-of-the-ordinary. That being said, I myself have had a nasty cold all week, the husband had a fever and two of my friends have had strep throat. Apparently it is officially “cold season” in South Florida even though we can still go to the beach!

World Series Time: It’s officially one of the best times of baseball season! Being a native South Floridian I’m obviously a bit sad that my home team is out, but I’m still a sports buff and love any kind of playoff season! And to add the cherry on top, you can enter to win a Grand Slam Giveaway with The Hometown All Stars with their social media contest going on right now! Be sure to check out their social media sites for more information as every Tuesday they pose a new question for you to answer. Answer correctly and you’ll be entered to win a 2002 Royal Enfield Motorcycle. Find out more details on The Hometown All Stars blog site and enter for your chance to win!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.13.21 PMLet’s Talk About Sexpose: Tired of your same weekend hangout? Looking for something new and interesting to do this weekend? Head to Miami Beach this Saturday for what is known as TEDxxx – Sexpose: A Night School event for an exploration of the “history and cultural impact of human sexuality.” Topics including how sexual imagery is used in advertising; sex in the Orthodox Jewish community; and a myth-busting presentation called “So You Want to be a Sex Worker?” by Ms. Kitty Black. It’s exactly what you’re looking for if you want to change up your usual Saturday night bar scene, have an exciting date or even just learn something new! Be sure to Register for Sexpose as tickets are going fast!

Holiday Shopping Already? I talked it about it before, but the holidays are here whether we like it or not. While shopping with my bro-in-law’s main squeeze this weekend, I saw all the holiday decorations out and have even (luckily) received some holiday promotions to help jump-start my shopping. As much as it may sound too early, I have personally appreciated the reminder. I’ve gotten started this week! I know, I know…it’s WAYYYY to early, but with 3 nieces/nephews and two families in two different states, I want to make sure I’m not caught at the last minute! Have you started shopping yet?

Keep on Giving: Obviously I’m hooked on the holidays right now. And if you’ve been following the Mind of Mugsy from the beginning, you know my FAVORITE channel is Food Network. At least once a year I make cookies, cakes and treats for those who don’t always get them. Baking is a fun pastime for me so I love doing it. But this year, not only will I be baking for others and buying holiday gifts for my adorable nephews and cutie niece, I’ll be buying what gifts for two well-deserving kids in my community. Luckily I know exactly what they want and I’m looking forward to making their holiday wonderful!