This week has been crazy, and since it is only Wednesday, I am chalking it up to Halloween coming and a general friskiness in the spring air. Lots of crazy news stories popping up too – and here are the top five on my mind so far this week:

  1. Time for some XO. A HUGE congratulations to and (and longtime friend Marci Robin who is a kickass writer for them) for becoming part of the Time, Inc. family. It is well deserved and we can’t wait to watch things grow!
  2. Halloween Hangover. Trying to figure out which wine goes best with those Snickers bars? Vivino created an infographic to help you figure out your perfect Halloween Candy wine pairings. Love it.
  3. Have a Song Stuck in your Head? Good. No one at Mugsy can get mad the next time I make everyone do musical day at the office. You know, where you have to sing everything you want to say to people in the office. You guys don’t do that? ANYWAY – a new study shows that show tunes can help ward off dementia. Saving brains here people, one chorus line at a time!
  4. I Apparently Need to Learn to Love Kale. However in super sad news the World Health Organization released a statement that processed meats (aka BACON) is now in the same category as cigarettes for ‘things that cause cancer’. I quit smoking – now I have to quit bacon? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  5. Because I still Miss Tetris…I am psyched about Nintendo’s new smart phone game. It comes out tomorrow and I am excited!! What is your favorite old school Nintendo game? (My top three were always Tetris, Mario Bros., and Kid Icarus or Mega Man – total tie there.)

PS – my absolute favorite thing this week? Typing Mega Man + Bacon into Google and finding the awesome featured image for today’s post. Don’t know the artist – but wanted to give credit where credit is due. This is one of several Mega Man Bacon pieces by the same artist. Nicely done.