We’re buzzing today with an eclectic group of articles that have caught our eye this week, ranging the arts to nuclear breakdowns. What would you paint? Are you in the best location for your skills? How do you feel about Chernobyl? All questions that you will ask yourself today!

Talk about a beautiful way to change the drab views of concrete and asphalt. At Mugsy, we don’t mind a little grey in our day, but we also love color. To have hidden artwork like this not only changes the view, but our perspectives too! Where would you hide some water activated paint?

We work a LOT so we may not always be at the theaters, but you better believe we have movies on all. the. time. We rep a lot of them! But I don’t believe we have seen all of the movies on this poster though this week we met someone who has! #FilmGoals. Now I know what I’m getting for the office this holiday season!

Not from Mugsy, but apparently doing voices will get you fired from a drive-thru. It just goes to show you that maybe you are not in the place most suitable for your talents. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will inevitably fail. Though, I do want to know who complained about the voices…probably someone afraid of clowns…Bottom line – find where your talents fit best!

Image recognition has a lot of amazing uses. And a lot of creepy ones. We still haven’t quite agreed in the office if this is a technology we like or are petrified of, but Entrepreneur Magazine has a great article on how image recognition can help your social media ads. Brilliant.

Finally, speaking about social media, it definitely makes things popular. Even things you may never assume. Like Chernobyl. The popularity of the new Chernobyl show on HBO has led to the creation of tours and trips to bring you through the safe zones. Curiosity wise we get it, but we still can’t understand the slew of people trying to turn this area into an Instagram hot spot. Must we do it ALL for the ‘gram, people?!