Mugsy PR loves all holidays that include everything from national and religious holidays to the obscure that most people don’t know about…i.e. Get Organized Month (January), Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (April 12th) and Gorgeous Grandma Day (June 23rd).

One of our personal favorites includes Earth Day!

I myself (SCaro) try to do something different every year on this day and then make it a regular habit for the health of our environment.


Three years ago: I applied for my very first recycling bins.

Two years ago: I ran a local 10k race that supported sea turtle conservation in my community. Even if I don’t run every year, I still either contribute/volunteer or both for this cause.

One year ago: I finally switched from keeping cases of bottled water to buying a filtrated water pitcher in my refrigerator year-round (pending any hurricane watches/warnings).

This year: I am making an effort to use Dropbox as my filing system as opposed to my usual office filing cabinet.

Now we want to know…how do you celebrate Earth Day? 🙂