The Lovely, Gorgeous, Intelligence Of It All…

by Apr 13, 2015

We talk a lot at Mugsy.

Pitching, networking, sharing news, funny videos, adorable hedgehog birthday parties and a whole lot of randomness on a day-to-day basis. We finally decided, why keep it to ourselves? We want to share all of the madness with you lovely, gorgeous, intelligent people. And we know you have lovely, gorgeous, intelligent opinions that we want to hear as well! So please comment, share your own favorite links and tell us what you think.

Welcome to the Mind of Mugsy

1. The More You Know… 

Our main topic of conversation this morning? Not so much that Hilary Clinton officially announced that she will run for President in 2016, but the fact that so many other women have run in the past that we had no idea about! Thanks to for this enlightening article on the female candidates who have worked to make political history. 

2. F.O.M.O.

“Fear Of Missing Out” is a very real thing thanks to social media. This fun Metro News article has come up with other social media specific emotions that should be added to the dictionary. How many of these have you experienced?

3. “How many airline miles do we have?” 

No matter how many conferences and events we go to, we always feel like we are missing so many! This comprehensive list from Mashable is hopefully going to help us pre-plan to attend more.  MozCon anyone?

4. #Mugshots.

Media hits for clients (#Mugshots) are the best. Media hits for Mugsy aren’t too shabby either – especially when they let us show off some tips and tricks to help others better promote their business. Big thanks to Julie Knudson for letting me blab on and on about one of my favorite topics in this Small Business Computing article about “Elements of a Good Facebook Business Page”.

5. “It just feels good in my mouth…”

In case no one has said it to you yet today, Happy Scrabble Day. Yeah, we didn’t know it existed either, but now that we do, we have spent about 20 minutes talking about our favorite words. I can’t decide. Serendipitous is one of my favorite sounding words, but I like the way the word “abominable” feels when saying it out loud. What is your favorite?