Holiday Shopping: Go Getter or Procrastinator

by Nov 29, 2018

This is crazy! This weekend will be December…the holiday season…the end of the year. Wasn’t it just summer like two days ago? (And I’m not just saying that because the weather got cooler two days ago…lol).

I want to talk about your holiday shopping regimen. Are you one of those people that has all their holiday shopping done by October? Do you wait until December 23rd to even get started? Are you a regifter? Do you make gifts, buy gifts, or send e-gifts? Geeze…after asking all those questions I may feel even more overwhelmed about this holiday season! 🙂

My usually holiday shopping routine consists of shopping early (mostly online), having gifts shipped to me or picking them up at the store and then procrastinating on the wrapping of the gifts. All-in-all, a very well-rounded approach to the season of giving in my opinion! However, this year I feel like the season has completely snuck up on my this year and I’m way behind the 8-ball.

The good news is that I’ve seen a change in the retail industry as well. Instead of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and then Cyber Monday, it seems it’s now all on sale all the time! It seems retail is taking drastic measure to get you into their store or onto their website. I mean, it’s the Thursday after Thanksgiving and my email is still getting flooded with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

This is all good news for me since I’m somewhat procrastinating this year, but it makes me think of how the retain industry has changed so much. How many of you have a fully stocked Amazon cart like I do? I mean who needs to shop at various stores or on various sites when you can compare each price to the same product on I’ll admit that Amazon is very convenient, but it does make me a little worried about what’s going to happen to all the retail stores. There are already so many vacant and storefronts – even entire shopping plazas are on life support.

Who knows, maybe this year I’ll get my booty in gear and take advantage of all the extended sales retailers and websites are offering. Then again, I’m already behind and procrastinating so I guess time will be the ultimate deciding factor.


How do you holiday shop?