Times have changed. It’s not a question of your local cable provider compared to a satellite dish. It’s more a question of cable…or streaming video services. I have poled all my friends and family and it’s still a split with half of them giving up on cable services and the other half sticking with it.

ch_cloudI can tell you from my own personal experience that I have been without a cable provider for over 4 years. Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, iTunes (I’m an Apple fan) and three different HD antennas in the house, we have saved…well…a lot! Everything on Netflix and Hulu is free. Amazon Prime is a yearly fee that offers a number of free movies and shows as well as those you may have to pay for to rent or buy. The benefit of Amazon Prime is that we also get priority shipping for other purchases on their site.

amazon_netflix_huluAccording to a recent article by Business Insider, “Apple is expected to launch a service later this year which features live program channels.” Being an Apple nut, this will DEFINITELY be something for my household to check out so we can hopefully rid our TVs of ugly “rabbit-ear” HD antennas.

While many people have started using Internet streaming services, they still have the fall-back of cable. My question to all of you: how do you watch your favorite shows/movies? Do you still have a cable contract, are you TV series binge watchers on Internet streaming services or do you have the best of both worlds?