Love Your Job!

by Sep 14, 2015

Happy Monday all! While it’s Monday for Mugsy PR (and almost every other person for that matter), I’ve was working all weekend. And trust me…it’s not because I had to…it’s because I wanted too!

If you are a regular reader of the Mugsy PR blog, you know that I recently purchased a new desk for my home office. While I had it put together somewhat quickly, I finally took the time over the weekend to clean it, organize it and even decorate it!

Since organizing and decorating, I just couldn’t WAIT to get to work!

I did a little bit of everything…from blog posts for clients (and Mugsy for that matter…lol), client reports and research. It was DEFINITELY a lot of fun working this weekend.

If you’re not having fun at your job…it’s definitely “work” as opposed to fun.

FullSizeRender (1)Here’s how you can make your work environment and fun environment:

Organization: It’s hard to work in clutter…so don’t. Work in organized clutter! Before, I had a very small desk and had to sometimes take notes in my lap since I refused to live without dual computer screens. A larger desk definitely helped me…what would help you?

The Right Tools: The desk was definitely the first step and that made my most utilized tools easier to take advantage of. Before, my stapler was in a drawer across the office, the printer wasn’t easily accessible and my weekly notes were in my lap on a clipboard. I still love my zebra clipboard, but it’s not in my lap anymore…it’s right beside my laptop for easy note-taking.

Make Yourself Smile: Whether it’s a picture of your family or friends, a funny card that inspires you or fresh flowers that infuse the room with sweet aromas…you have to find something that makes you smile (or even whistle) while you work. Since I have family/friend pics throughout the office and can easily see them when I’m pacing throughout the room on the phone, I chose flowers for my desk. Anytime I feel overwhelmed or can’t think of an idea, I look up and smile…makes all the difference.

What makes you smile at your job?