Today has been a tough day for everyone. Whether you start your day by listening to your favorite local radio show, watching national news or checking your social media pages, we were all deeply saddened after learning of two young WBDJ-TV  journalists in Virginia who were killed during their live morning broadcast.

Emily and I immediately called each other this morning before starting work once we heard the news. We couldn’t believe it and immediately felt for their news team family – especially the anchor that watched and then had to address their community and viewers after they had all seen the live footage. We were then again grief-stricken after learning about how young Alison Parker and Adam Ward were and everything they had to look forward to – both in their personal and professional lives.

We followed any and all information that was released about this tragedy…hoping that the suspect would be found as soon as possible. Both the dedicated police in the area and the help of everyone sharing information about the shooter helped to make that possible.

The entire Mugsy PR team has had the friends, family and work family of Alison and Adam in our thoughts all day…and I guarantee you that our thoughts will be with all of you forever.