No WiFi Woes

by Sep 2, 2015

For the last week, Mugsy PR has been having WiFi problems. We even went as far as to switch from AT&T to Comcast to see if it helped the situation. Finally over the weekend, things seemed back to normal…and then Monday hit.

We went to a conference where we were ensured there would be WiFi. Want to guess what happened next? No WiFi at all in the entire conference center! We were now stuck and disconnected, and our mobile phone hot spots weren’t working. Yep, way to go AT&T.

So what to do if you want to stay productive while you’re WiFi free? These are the five things we did:

– Organize your laptop sticky notes (you know you have a ton of them!) and folders

– Draft all those blog posts floating around in your head

– Delete all your old random phone pics (don’t forget the Instagram and Facebook duplicates) to make room for new media

– Create evergreen tweets at 140 characters to pop in when you’re later feeling uninspired

– Facebook content calendars!