Over the last week I have been out of state visiting my new nephew in Portland, and while I LOVE to travel and see new places – it is always interesting to check out the news on what I’ve missed here in Florida while gone.

Since lately there’s been a lot of talk on social media about the “Florida Man” challenge, I am not the only one who thrives on the weird that comes out of this area. Even just one week of news will explain why.

There’s the man who was arrested for belligerently eating pasta at Olive Garden and the guy arrested for wrestling a fake alligator.

Couldn’t miss the story of the man threatening to unleash his turtle army on his small little Florida town.

And my personal favorite – the herd of cows living it up and causing traffic jams as they walk around loose in Miami.

Even Portland where the motto is “keep weird”, can’t compete with the strange that comes out of this state I call home.

What is your all-time favorite crazy Florida news story? Anything good this past week that I missed?

I’m glad to be back. Stay strange, SoFlo!