Pope and Puppy Trains – It has been a good week.

by Sep 25, 2015

The world has been spinning with politics, a new Pope with new ideas, and a lot of worldly controversy, and yet, #AngryBirds has a movie coming out, so guess what’s been trending on social media…

What else has the world deemed “important” news this week?

Well…Men have started learning how to braid. Yay? Smells Like Teen Spirit beat out John Lennon’s Imagine as the most iconic song of all time according to science (um…Really?!), and Kate Hudson’s company JustFab is in big trouble.

‘Girl power’ toys are having a big week which is pretty cool. The Barbie fishing pole helped this father/daughter team reel in a big one (so cute!) and Lammily dolls (known as ‘Normal Barbie’) now comes with maxi pads.

In general it has been a long week and to be honest, we just want to be this guy for a moment, chilling out and driving the puppy train.

dog train