Why should other occupations get all the love? If you work in PR and Social Media you’re already a brilliant and creative soul. Show off your skills this Halloween with some office appropriate fun PR and social media themed costumes for 2017.

  1. These girls are younger, but a spin on this diy costume would be perfect for any age.
  2. Dress as a member of the press. Then act alarmed all night. You’re now a media alert. Boom. 
  3. Are you a Samantha or a Patsy? Whether your spirit publicist is Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, Patsy Stone from AbFab or another pop culture PR fave, an industry costume always gets rave reviews at the office! 
  4. Finally, choose your favorite station and create a homemade homage like this adorable NBC peacock costume.**All images were found on Pinterest. If you know the people in these images, let us know! Have them contact us. We would love to tag them!