With so many options of funny videos, cute animals and breaking news stories coming across my computer, I’ve found my top five favorites through all the rest. Which one of my top 5 is your favorite?

1. The Super-Family Feud

Check out the entire cast of the Avengers on Jimmy Kimmel Live for a good laugh!

2. Kool as a Koala 

The cuter the animal, the more popular it is online (and the more I like it!). It also doesn’t hurt that these koalas have such sophisticated taste that they only fly first class. Read more about the various amenities these cuties will have while flying the Australian airline Quantas: Koalas Fly First-Class.

3. Going Green with Spieth

Less than a day after his Masters win at the August National Golf Club, Spieth made his way to the Big Apple for his many interviews…but not without taking time out for himself and a selfie at the Empire State Building! Spieth Selfie

4. Summer & Sodas

If you know me, you know I love me some diet soda! And with the temperature already nearing the 90s in South Florida, I have been reaching for my refreshing beverage more often than usual to cool off. With that being said, it’s not wonder why this is one of my favorite things today: The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

5. The Playoffs?….Playoffs!

The NBA regular season is almost over and the playoffs begin next week so I’m getting ready for a basketball-filled TV schedule! If you’re looking for something fun to keep you engaged in the playoff games, head over to GoneStreakin.com and sign up for Gone Streakin’ Hoops. You can enter Double-Double and Points-Based games for free with a chance to win $$!