Happy Thirsty Thursday everyone! It’s been a great week with a lot of interesting things going on. Check out my fab five picks of the week.

1. Mugsy PR’s emily on HITS 97.3: Our very own Emily Taffel will be on 97.3 Sunday morning talking about the recent venue partnership of the Association of Women in Communications South Florida (AWCSFL) with the Wyndham Boca Raton. Emily is the communications executive on the board of the AWCSFL. Be sure to tune in!


2. Facts You May Not Know About Back to the FutureI absolutely LOVE this! Can you believe some of these? I always wondered why they had to hit 88 m.p.h. in order to travel back in time. Now I know! If you want a break from your day, this is definitely something to check out.

3. South Park RenewedIt’s something many of us have been hoping for and it’s finally here! South Park has been renewed for 30 new episodes in a three-season deal on Comedy Central. What is your favorite episode of South Park?


4. Uber Out of Broward CountyIt’s official…Uber is out of Broward County. At the end of this month, Uber will no longer service the county. Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties, however, will still have an Uber presence AND you’ll be able to take an Uber from either of those two counties to Broward County. Weird…but true!

5. The PR Side of Celebrity DivorceIt was recently announced that after 10 years of marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner will be divorcing. While this news has been all over the place in the last week, I found this story very interesting as it’s from a publicist’s viewpoint. It seems as though they are also collaborating well when it comes to their living and parenting as a divorced couple. You can find more information about collaborative divorce and mediation by visiting the Law Offices of Iris M. Bass.