The Fab Five of the Day: From the Met to Mom

by May 10, 2015

It’s been quite a busy week with all kind of fun things and headlines taking center stage!

1. Met Gala 2015: Anyone who is anyone attended the 2015 Met Gala this week in some of the best and worst of fashion. There was a lot of lace, a lot of glitz and, for some reason, a lot of see-through. You can see what everyone was wearing, but we thought Beyonce really went all out. Any other honorable mentions from the gala?




2. The Legendary Ellen DowIt’s hard to think of a sweeter actress than Ellen Albertini Dow. To me, she is best known as the singing granny from The Weeding Singer, but also as a friend in one of the episodes of The Golden Girls. She had a wonderful career and she will certainly be missed by those from different generations.



3. Undercover UberA senior staff writer from the Philadelphia City Paper decided to be an Undercover Uber to test Uber’s claim last year that New York City drivers make a median wage of approximately $90,000 per year. Her findings were very interesting and you’ll definitely want to see her report. Have you ever contemplated being an Uber driver on the side?




4. Kim Kardashian Gets SchooledWriting a book and Kim Kardashian in the same sentence is something many probably don’t put together. She was recently at a Barnes & Noble in New York City for a book signing of her recently released Selfish – a book consisting of mostly “selfies” from her social media pages. However, animal rights activists seemed to have made more of an impact than her book.




5. Mother’s Day Mayhem: It’s hard to tell what Mother’s Day is all about. For some (like my family) it’s a time that we get together and spend time with each other to celebrate the moms in our family. Everyone who isn’t a mother contributes to the family lunch or dinner after having gone for a swim in the pool or played a spirited game of Catch Phrase. for businesses, it’s a time for making money. Flowers, cards, candies, brunches, etc. I enjoy the way we celebrate Mother’s Day…what do you do in your family?