1. It’s Britney Bitch: She’s always had her ups and downs and recently she had a down. At her latest concert, Britney Spears was working her choreography to a tee and had a slight misstep causing her to sprain her ankle. What do you think was talked about more….the fact that she was down for so long, or the fact that no one went to help her up?

2. 6 Officers Charged in BaltimoreThere is nothing good about this story and it keeps getting worse for all involved. The Baltimore State Attorney updated the press yesterday saying they have found probable cause to file criminal charges including second degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and assault among others. These charges will be filed against the officers involved in Gray’s arrest.

3. What’s in a Name…for a Princess: It’s official…William & Kate gave birth to a baby girl this morning! While we offer many congrats to the happy, royal couple we really want to know her name! What’s your top pick for the name of the royal baby girl?

4. Gigi’s Music Cafe Made the Impossible Possible: Gigi’s Music Cafe was the talk of the town this week and featured on Restaurant: Impossible. If you missed it, be sure to catch the show when it’s on Food Network again. Also stay tuned for a viewing party at Gigi’s Music Cafe! Stay tuned for more information about the date and time of the viewing party!

5. Fight NightWill you be watching tonight? It’s been called the fight of the century: Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. If you’d like to watch live streaming, that will be really hard to do. HBO and Showtime have exclusive rights to the match and will take down any illegal sites that offer the show. Where will you be watching the fight tonight? Hopefully not from a streaming site!