So much to talk about today and so little time! Even more attention span (as you’ll see in number 5 of my Fab 5 of the week!). From TV finales, trending women topics, old and new headlines, there’s a lot going on this week to talk about.


1. This is The Voice…Finale!: Tonight is the night. If you’re die hard fans of The Voice you probably watched the last four contestants compete last night. And for the first time ever, each contestant was able to sing one of the their three songs as an original piece. Tonight is the finale…will you be tuning in to see who will be announced the winner? If so, be sure to share on social media as it’s certain to be a trending topic!

2. From Tough to Trending Topics for Women: With Lisa Rinna and Whoopi Goldberg doing bladder leakage commercials and the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle with the ladies in bathing suits trimming “hedges”, advertising for women has gone from tough to talk about to trending and fun to discuss!  AT the 11th Annual Marketing to Women Conference in Chicago, a group of women talked about sex and money in a panel. Learn more about what was discussed at the conference. The question for you…what is your favorite new commercial/marketing piece geared towards women?

3. Elian Gonzalez 15 Years Later: If you lived in South Florida 15 years ago (or anyplace else in the world for that matter), you remember the story of Elian Gonzalez and the international custody battle that followed. Now 21 years old, he’s engaged and hopes to visit the U.S. again one day. Where were you when this story broke in 1999?

4. Biker Gangs Collide: What a couple of days in Texas. 170 bikers 0f rival gangs/clubs were charged with engaging in organized crime after a fight broke out that wounded 18 and killed 9. The judge has set the bond for each of the 170 at $1M…..did I say EACH! Reports show that their were so many suspects that police had to open a nearby convention center to hold them all. Read more about what happened and what’s to come above.

5. Do I Still Have Your Attention? Not surprisingly…the video below explains how the Internet is affecting our attention spans. Studies show that humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish. I know we all have a lot on our plates, but to be compared to a goldfish is a little surprising to me!