Oh how I’ve missed thee…let me count the ways! As Emily mentioned earlier this week, our blog was down for a few days and we felt LOST! But we’re back and ready to share – especially since there’s so much to talk about.


1. NJ Family Home has a WatcherThis story shook the staff of Mugsy to it’s very core. I am not a fan of scary/horror films, but Emily is and this even shook her up. A family bought a mansion in New Jersey and then began to receive letters from someone named “The Watcher.” Luckily, the family never moved in, but it was still one of the scariest stories we encountered this week!


2. Cupcake Wars has a New HostIf you were a huge fan of the movie Mean Girls, you know exactly who the character Aaron Samuels is! Well guess what….the dreamy actor who played Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) will be the new host of Cupcake Wars starting on June 29th! I myself haven’t watched the Food Network show in years, but may just tune in to see how he does…will you?


3. Florida SuperConAre you a big comic fan? If so, this weekend is for you! Florida SuperCon is in town and started Thursday of this week and goes until tomorrow. While I’m not the biggest fan of comics, my husband is AND there will be stars from famous cartoons in attendance including my favorite – Rocko’s Modern Life! Who wouldn’t love to attend?!


4. French Taxi Drivers Strikes Uber by Smashing CarsUber is a big deal happening all over the place, but sometimes it’s not always making the best of headlines. For instance, approximately 3,000 French taxi drivers took action by smashing cars in protest of Uber. 10 people were arrested, 7 officers injured and 70 vehicles damaged. HOLY COW!


5. 4th of July Travel PlansHopefully you’ve made your travel plans for the 4th of July because it’s estimated that 2.09 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or farther from Wednesday through July 5th according to AAA. Our question to you: do you plan on traveling and (if so) have you made your reservations?