It’s an exciting weekend and there are tons of things to talk about with you! Here’s what’s on my mind for today’s Fab Five.

1. July 4th Festivities: I love 4th of July…it’s one of my favorite holidays of the year. It’s in the summer and all about celebrating the Independence of the United States with friends, family, barbecues and fireworks. You can always find me at the beach for the 4th of July. Where is your favorite place to celebrate the 4th?


2. The Rock vs. Kevin Hart: Who doesn’t love these two actors/comedians/celebrities. In the middle of taping their new movie in Boston, the fire department was called when a smokey smell was noticed on set. What did the two actors do while waiting for the issue to be resolved? Had an Instagram-off! I will forewarn you, that there are a few expletives that fly around between them…all in good fun though!


3. Tis’ the Season for Hot Dogs: Did you know that approximately 7 billion hot dogs are consumed between Memorial Day and Labor day? That’s a lot of dogs! I myself am a Chicago Dog gal myself, while my husband is a chili-cheese dog fan. And now all this talk of hot dogs makes me want to have one for lunch!



4. Martha Stewart Lost her $2 billion EmpireIt’s a sad day for the team of Mugsy PR as we hate to hear this news about our beloved Martha Stewart. Sequential Brands Group bought Stewart’s brand for less than a quarter of what the company was once worth. What do you think? Were you a lover of the Martha Stewart brand, shows and recipes.


5. Harry Potter Actress an Awesome CartoonistIf you’re a fan of the Harry Potter books and have read and seen all of them, you remember Ron’s once girlfriend Lavender Brown. During her long breaks while filming, she started cartooning and kept going after! I think she’s hysterical!