The “Internetest” Post of the Week: Top Five of the Week

by May 28, 2015

Caught up on some trending stories this week, and I am so happy I did! What is on my mind today is hilarious and thought provoking, not to mention pretty cool (an accidental underwater iPhone video!). Enjoy!

1) She’s Got the Beat. In the greatest thing to hit the internet this week, someone figured out that Beyonce’s dance moves fit to any song, ever. Literally any song. The videos have been flowing in social media ever since with the hashtag #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat. It cracks me up and I am blogging about an hour later than I wanted to because of how many of these I have watched.

2) iSurvive. Yesterday Sarah wrote about iPhones crashing because of a virus infected text message, but trending today is a story of an iPhone that was accidentally dropped into the ocean and survived. Not only did the iPhone still work, but the video camera was on when it was dropped and it recorded the entire journey to the ocean’s floor until a diver retrieved it. Pretty cool!

3) Forgotify. It isn’t every day you get to discover something new. However, Spotify gives you the opportunity to be the very first person to stream all kinds of songs on Forgotify. On my first visit I discovered Terence Xu’s “Wo De Mai Ke Feng” which made me smile and was a pretty catchy pop song complete with a rap break. I also found heard a clarinet solo entitled “Slendro” by Daniel Goode that was too monotonous for me to keep on. Overall, there is a lot of classical music, a lot of foreign songs, and a lot of cool music to be heard!

4) Too Much of a Good Thing? What happens when you fill your corporate video with the best of the best internet icons and memes? A lot of internet backlash. In an attempt at humor, Delta Airlines created what they call the “Internetest Safety Video on the Internet”. Reviews on the video have not been too positive though, with people stating the brand was “trying too hard”. Parts of it cracked me up and I love that there are multiple versions and an interactive ending with the “Blendtec” guy. What do you think?

5) An Exercise in Trust. Would you swap phones with your significant other and let them scroll through your phone history, text messages and more? Several couples allowed access to one another for Elite Daily’s study (link is via and their reactions are fantastic. How far into your phone would you let others go?