kevinhartIf you know Mugsy PR, you know that Emily is all about Spotify and I’m all about Pandora. It’s true that they’re both great when you’re having a get-together or getting ready for a concert by a certain artist. We also use our playlists during work!

I myself have over 20 different playlists and every one of them is for a specific purpose when I’m working. Here are some of my favorite playlists and when I play them while working:

Driving to a Meeting: It’s all about my comedy playlists. Everything from D.L. Hughley, John Pinette, Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart and Brian Regan. They keep me company in the car, get me in a good mood and keep me alert during the drive!

Philip GlassWriting – everything from press releases, blog posts and articles: Classical music all the ay when I have a lot of writing to do, it’s classical music all the way. My personal favorite is Philip Glass, but you can’t go wrong with the classics like Beethoven, Edward MacDowell and Chopin!


Ac_logoPR Pitching: It’s all about the upbeat music and for me it’s my Beach Bar Lounge playlist. Adventure Club, Crywolf and Blackmill are among my favorites. This playlist helps me get creative with pitching angles and ideas for clients. They only deserve the best and this playlist gets me cookin’ with great ideas for them.

ToveLoSocial Media Community Management: This is where I go to some of my favorites – Lana Del Rey, Tove Lo and Odesza. These songs are fun, but also thoughtful so it helps me to get in touch with our clients’ social media communities.



Never underestimate the power of the playlist. As much as they help you on a road trip, during the day or even on the weekend, remember that they can also work for you too!