The Top 5 Tips to Create the Best Hashtag

by May 13, 2015

What makes a good hashtag? Of course you need the best content, a creative idea and a sprinkle of virality to start and then you’re golden! Read our top tips on creating the best hashtag for a social media campaign:


1. KIS (I wouldn’t dare call anyone stupid!): Keep it simple. The longer the hashtag, the harder it is to keep your audiences attention, the fewer the characters you have to work with on Twitter and the easier it is to get your hashtag to be used.

2. Be Clear: Using abbreviations only makes sense when that abbreviation is well-known. However, if you are putting letters together to mean something that no one has ever heard of, it’s officially not a hashtag that can be easily shared.


3. Consider all Interpretations: You can be as clear as possible and as simple as possible, but people can always see other interpretations…in everything from hashtags, artwork, literature…you name it. Just be sure you think about any and all ways your hashtag can be used – good or bad. Research, fresh eyes and different ideas are important before debuting your hashtag.

4. Make the Proper Introductions: How do you introduce your awesome hashtag, or even test hashtags before finalizing on something that will work for your company? Use your new hashtag on multiple social media platforms combined with hashtags that are both popular on social media and relevant to your hashtag topic. Think of hashtags like #ImLovinIt #WineWednesday, etc…but ONLY combine in your content if it makes sense!

5. Talk and Track: You’ve brainstormed, researched and tested. Now it’s time to spread the word…and that’s an important point. Don’t count on everyone to do it for you. Spread the news yourself…shout it from the rooftop…be proud! Create unique conversations that make sense with the hashtag and then be sure to measure, measure, measure. Track and measure what conversations are being created, what conversations are getting the most engagement and then keep the conversation going!

Remember…working in social media means being social. Have fun with it!