The Ultimate in Work/Life Balance

by Aug 6, 2015

We all have to do it – balance our work life and our home/social life. For me, the last few weeks have been a test in my ability to balance

If you follow me on Periscope or Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen the updates I’ve posted about my kitchen renovation. Here’s the kicker…we did it ourselves! The clearing out of ALL kitchen appliances and dishes, the demolition, the putting up of new cabinets and the painting…it was all the hubbs and I with the help of my dad acting as the foreman.

We did have a few surprises along the way – like finding out that the previous owners used an oil-based paint on the walls and ceiling that all needed to be pealed, scraped and pulled off…good times!

With deliveries scheduled during work hours and boxes stacked up in my home office, it definitely tested my work/life balance skills!

The good news is that I was able to do it all! My saving grace: organization and a dedicated home workspace. Any time I was tempted to go check on the progress of the kitchen, I just took another glance at my to-do list and calendar and thought, “it will still be there once I’m done with my work for the day!” Deliveries were definitely a bit of an annoyance, but we were lucky enough that every delivery arrived in the timeframe they said so I was able to plan around them.

Since I was able to do my balancing act, I was able to attend all meetings and conference calls, finalize reports and take care of client needs. There were more than a few early mornings or late nights, but everything got done…including most of the kitchen!