The Waiting Game

by Sep 15, 2015

The research is done. The pitch is created. The email is sent….and now we wait.

I am pretty certain that PR folks are the most patient people on the planet. We are at least in line with preschool teachers and clergy, right? I mean, imagine the feeling you get when you’re waiting for someone to reply to a text, but there aren’t three little dots to tell you there is a response coming. That is what happens every time we send out pitches for clients to the media, with the hopes that our subject line is intriguing enough to open or our media relationship strong enough to get a click.

When I started in PR we used to call to follow-up after a few days or the next week to confirm receipt and discuss editorial opps, but now that is considered a faux pas by some outlets (another reason why it is SO important to KNOW YOUR MEDIA!).

So again…we wait.

One trick from Mugsy? Use social media to your advantage after your pitch and engage the reporter (editor, producer, etc) on Twitter or another network. Now we want to know – what are YOUR waiting game tricks?