To Advertise or Not to Advertise…On Twitter That Is…

by May 26, 2015

The popular social media platform Twitter posted it’s 1st quarter revenue, which was short of earlier predicted estimates. As a result of the company struggling to attract more users and advertisers, the stock fell 18% – mainly due to the early release of this information.

The Good and The Bad

While Twitter still works to gain an appropriate piece of the social media advertising pie (of the $145 billion digital ad market, it holds 1% compared to Google’s 31% and Facebook’s 7.9% according to EMarketer) not everyone agrees that they are lacking in advertising services for their customers.

According to a recent Bloomberg News article as published in the Sun-Sentinel, Heineken was served well by Twitter since the social media company had the ability to build technology around a digital advertising campaign for the European Football League championships. To me, that’s the true definition of customized social media service!

More Good News

Twitter prides itself in “quality, not quantity.” What this means for companies looking for a unique digital advertising campaign is that Twitter will not only help build a unique campaign just for your brand, but also has the ability and willingness to update their social media platform’s approach to fit a brand’s needs. Through collaborations with advertisers and an open ear for tips from those advertisers on how Twitter can get better as a company, Twitter is adapting for their users and not just their stockholders constantly. Not many other social media platforms will do the same.

Share your story with us. How has digital advertising on Twitter (or other social media platforms) helped your brand grow?