At least ten times a day, twice a night and possibly once during a long shower, I update my to-do lists. And that is the bare minimum. If you’re anything like me, you may also have post-it notes (irl or on your laptop), a digital list in your phone notepad, something like Evernote or other apps to keep you organized…and you’re still trying to find the best way. Through lots of trial and error I have a pretty good system, and below are a few of my favorite organizational tool, but I’d love to hear yours too! Any tricks to keep the to-dos on track?

Wunderlist is one of my favorite list builders. I get great satisfaction from checking off the tasks and they are easy to share with others. (Available on Android and iOS).

GTasks syncs up perfectly with your Google calendar and you can easily set reminders. This used to have a lot of glitches but it seems to be fixed now. Combine it with Google Keep and you’ve got a solid set-up.

I mentioned it above, but I will say it again – GET EVERNOTE! It was recommended by our graphic designer and it is incredibly if you like putting pen to paper like I do. It turns everything digital for you. Gotta love that.

And when I jot something down in the middle of the night? This is my current favorite notepad:

Available at

Available at




Let me know your faves!

Oh, and if you need some help organizing your thoughts to put them down on the to do list – Unclutterer has some great tips for that too!