Top 4 Tools for Social Media Management & Measurement

by May 18, 2015

Managing multiple social media clients is something Mugsy PR specializes in on a daily basis. We use tons of different tools to help us make each one of our clients a success on their social media platforms. Here are some of our favorites that we use!

1. SproutSocial: One of my favorite software platforms that can both help you manage and measure multiple social media platforms. One of my favorite aspects is the reporting aspect. Track everything from the number of new likes/followers, best times you get impressions and best times for sharing content.

2. Hootsuite: Scheduling posts, searching for trending topics and sending messages in bulk are all aspects of HootSuite. The reason I like it so much is that you can see all social media platforms you manage all from one dashboard making it easy to monitor client pages.

3. EveryPostMany times, I’m on the move between meetings and events and working from my cell phone is necessary. I really like EveryPost for this reason. It’s another great software to curate content all in one spot with the ability to monitor and schedule posts. I also find it very easy to use from my cell!

4. Klout: This is a great way to measure and track your impact in social media. It’s great for searching for other social media influencers that have expertise you want to connect with as well. It connects with Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to populate an influence score. I love watching my clients’ Klout scores get higher!