I have a cold. Not a bad one, but the sniffles. Since I refuse to go to the doctor for a runny nose, I have decided to medicate the Mugsy way – with laughter. Therefore, today I share only those things that have made me laugh and smile this morning. Enjoy!

1. This cracks me up every year without fail. I love May 1st, simply because of this Justin Timberlake / N’Sync meme:


2. My current favorite TB show is Comedy Central’s Broad City, and the new 21/22 Jump Street movies were hysterical, so it was quite exciting to see that two of the Broad City writers are creating a female centered revamp of the Jump Street movies!


3. We have had a few interior design clients at Mugsy, so we spend a lot of time checking out design publications. As much as we love a gorgeous room, we have to admit there is something giggle worthy in a lot of the photos. Particularly when they are presented with incredibly sarcastic and funny captions like they are on Unhappy Hipsters. A MUST READ!


4. This is not funny. This is just cool. Pretty much the coolest real life geeky thing to happen in a while. NASA may have accidentally discovered faster than light travel!


5.  Even though I think it is crazy how much it costs to promote a story on BuzzFeed, I can’t stop reading articles from their site, so a big high five to them for figuring out the content conundrum and banking it. Today they drew me in with an article on the “31 Photos You’ll Never Be Able To Unsee“. Still laughing about these as I write…

grandma caterpillar