Top Five of the Week: From Bad Ass Baddie to Broken Hearts and more

by Sep 2, 2015

1. “I just do my thing”. When it comes to life goals, this is mine. An authentic and genuine existence where “I just do my thing” like Baddie Winkle, the 87 year old bad ass who is tearing up Instagram and just landed a modeling campaign with raver clothes line Dimepiece.

2. I’m Angry At A Puppet. I never thought I could be mad at a puppet, but Kermit the Frog broke my heart this week when he announced he has been seeing a new pig named Denise. So soon after Miss Piggy?! Truthfully, I understand this whole marketing gimmick, but I don’t like it. I hate that the Muppet brand decided to cheapen their characters to the level of tabloid bs, but it is certainly making the news with People magazine leaking the first pics.

3. SyFy movie comes to life. In what reads like the plot of yet another mutated animal SyFy film, Australian news reported finding the world’s most venemous fish (the Stonefish) and a poisonous Sea Snake latched on to one another each biting the other. Read the article for it to make sense, but sadly the struggle didn’t end well for either creature. Pretty interesting though!

4. Facebook changes their look once again. If you haven’t already heard, a change is coming to Facebook again. This time in the form of smaller profile pics, larger cover photos, shifted tabs and more. We are also naming today “Graphic Designer Appreciation Day” since we are now piling lots of redesigns on ours, lol.

5. A Different Point of View. 100 disposable cameras were given to people affected by homelessness in London as part of Cafe Art’s “My London” art gallery project. The gallery project was created to give the city’s homeless an outlet to express their talents and creativity.