Top Five of the Week: From the Sea to the Farm and Smiles in Between

by Jun 4, 2015

This week has been filled with some wild stories from the inspiring (Caitlyn Jenner) to the horrible (The Duggars), and a saturation of coverage on them all, so I have decided to forgo them all for my top five this week. Instead of focusing on the mainstream, below are the top five random tidbits that have made me happy over the last week. I hope they do the same for you!

1. Under the Sea. I don’t scuba dive, but I can google with the best of them. Now Google Street Views is going where they have never gone before – with added underwater views! See how coral reefs change, watch dolphins frolic, tides rolling in and more. Google launched this cool addition in honor of World Ocean Day on June 8th. Let me know what you discover in your searches!


2. Jingle All the Way. What’s that? You simply eat your food? Oh, what talent you are squandering! YouTuber Grant Woolard has one upped everyone by creating the ultimate jingle mashup “Commercial Jingle Counterpoint”.  Weaving together 25 famous jingles and playing each tune on the piano using the corresponding products to hit the keys, this is definitely an innovative use of food and time. Enjoy!

3. What a Reaction. Always searching for that perfect reaction GIF? The hunt is over. Tumblr rolled out a new GIF search feature. You can search for emotions, comments, characters and more. Tumblr will even notify the owner of the GIF that their pic has been used in a post. All I can say is:


4. Like Magic. As everyone knows, I love changing my hair color. Though lately I have been sticking with pink and blue (big thanks to Indigo Bliss Hairapy for keeping it looking so good!), I would be the happiest girl if my hair color could change like magic. Check out this video of a girl whose hair changes so much in the light that it almost IS magic.

5. Baby goats. In pajamas. Pretty certain that is all I need to say. Winifred and Monty are 3 week old Nigerian dwarf goats. Their owners at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine gave them pajamas and the goats are so happy they don’t want to take them off. I don’t blame them – who doesn’t want to live in their PJs!? If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.