Top Five of the Week is Back!

by Jun 11, 2019

We have missed bringing you our favorite news stories and all the things that have us talking – and it seems you’ve missed it too. So we’re bringing it back. Here’s our Top Five of the Week!

  1. We never need a reason to celebrate Pride, but we do enjoy the camaraderie in celebration. The bright colors and the love being spread around is glorious to see. And one of our clients embraced this feeling whole-heartedly. Check out Pharaoun Cocktail Ring’s debut for Pride Month entitled ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’.
  2. One of our favorite stories this week is about a man who took a lucky guess and cracked the code on a decades old safe. This guy needs to try his hand at the Powerball this week!
  3. Concrete Beach Brewery just released their summer beers! They are the best brewery in Miami to beat the summer heat – ok, maybe we are a bit biased – but for real – their beer is the best! Come try their Pool Party Pilsner, Honey Rye Lager, Tropic of Passion, Award Winning Havana Lager, or ANY of their brews, and then tell me I’m wrong. Bet you can’t!
  4. Alright this one is a little “ew” worthy, but cool nonetheless and it had us buzzing. There are very few cases where the response is “it’s just a tapeworm.” and you’d be happy, but when you think you have an aggressive, malignant cancer, this may be the best news you could get! Yes – a tapeworm in a nodule shaped like a quail egg inside a woman’s body that she (and doctors) thought was cancer. Read about it here. Wow!
  5. Finally, This has made our day here. Our dogs try to walk themselves, but this is cuteness to a whole other level! Look at the speed they are running too! We want to know why? Why is the alpaca being walked by the dog? Why does an alpaca need to be walked? Either way, we want to see more!

Have a great week and send us YOUR favorite news – we’d love to see what has you chatting in your office too!