Top Five of the Week: Pop Culture Time!

by Oct 21, 2015

As you know, if you read the blog, we have been BUSY. Like not our normal hustle and bustle, but an overwhelming busy that makes us run out of time every day. Finally, we are settled back in and we actually….wait for it…got to read the news! OMG. It has been over a week! So here are the top headlines that got us talking the last few days:

  1. The Force is Strong. The Star Wars VII trailer is out! If you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen it yet – here you go:
  2. Sugar fans rejoice! Lucky Charms has released a box of marshmallow only cereal for a limited time. Earn that diabetes one spoonful at a time…
  3. Pretty funny, but someone got fired at Target for sure after porn played on the P.A. system this week.
  4. In sad news that everyone is talking about – Lamar Odom is recovering in LA and the Kardashians continue to tweet about it.
  5. And in the happiest news ever – The Gilmore Girls are coming back with new episodes on Netflix! #TeamJess Mugsy happy dance time!!!!!