Hello Muggers! We are having quite the week here at Mugsy. Busier than expected and heading into a birthday weekend so I will keep this short and sweet today. Here are my top five stories in the news this week. Not the most important news – but the stuff that has tickled MY fancy. How about yours?

1. Facebook Feminism. Did you ever notice that the old icon to denote friend requests on Facebook was a silhouette of a man, in front of a woman, with the woman set back behind him? I didn’t either, but apparently others did and things changed today. The icon was redesigned to have the woman and man more in-line with one another denoting gender equality. Pretty cool!

2. Well, this Uber sucks…I fell in love with Uber in L.A. I have used it across the country. And today I am sad as new Broward County laws have passed making Uber unable to continue in Broward County as of July 31st. I actually agree with the new laws for the most part, enhanced regulations on fingerprinting and background checks for Uber drivers and such, I mean – I want to be as safe as I can be when getting into a stranger’s car, but I also really like using Uber! Neither side is budging yet, but here’s hoping!

3. Robot Fight! Japan has a super large, giant robot. America has a super large giant robot. The logical outcome of this? ROBOT DUEL! And indeed it shall be done. American robotics company MegaBots issued a robot fight challenge against Japan based Suidobashi, and they accepted. Seriously – we will get to see giant robots go head-to-head. Don’t miss it! 

4. #DontJudge. Over 100,000 posts on Instagram and Twitter have been popping up with the hashtag #DontJudgeChallenge (or as it was trending on Twitter – misspelled as #DontJudgeChallange) as part of a new teen trend. The trend is to look as ugly as possible using makeup (smeared lipstick, drawn on unibrows and fake acne). Though safer than the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, the hashtag which was supposed to promote confidence but has backfired. Read more here!

5. Chick Chicky Boom. This kid. Talk about the poster child for ‘dance like no one (or like everyone!) is watching’. His confidence is everything. Enjoy this gloriously awesome video of Guillermo’s rendition of Jim Carey’s dance in The Mask to “Cuban Pete”. His grandma uploaded it to YouTube. It doesn’t get better than this.