Top Five Topics of the Week

by Jun 24, 2015

I’m sure I am stating the obvious for our regular readers, but the Mugsy blog was down for a couple of days. My, oh, my did that free up some time in the Mugsy office…and fill up some space in my brain. There have been a lot of ‘Top Five’ topics we haven’t been able to talk about just piling up in there! There was everything from cute science discoveries to shootings, deaths of celebrities and confederate flag controversy to adorable babies in x-ray machines and more. Some of my personal moments are below, but those are five of millions, so I know there are lots I missed! What was your favorite news story or viral video from the last week?

In Things That Happened This Week….

1. The AP Made Me LOL. What do Rick Astley, a BLT and craft beer have in common? They are all mentioned in the new AP Stylebook changes. While I appreciate the AP keeping media (and PR and marketing reps and more) in the loop, I have to admit that their acknowledgement of Rickrolling made me giggle!

2. Said Awwww Over an Octopus. The world’s most adorable little octopus was found this week. Stephanie Bush has been working to classify a deep-sea cephalopod that is currently unnamed. Top name contender right now? Adorabilis. Totally fitting!

3. Social Media Decided To Switch It Up Again. Changes abound in social media this week with Facebook giving more control of what you see in the news feed back to the user, Instagram offering trends and place searches, and so much more. We try to keep track of it all on the Mugsy Facebook page, so visit us there too!

4. I Angrily Learned About Meninism. The fact that this is a thing, that the fake Twitter account is supposed to be a joke and the fact that there are real women supporting all of this blows my mind. But I leave you to read all about it and form your own opinions.

And finally…

5. I Learned of the Potential Horrors of Tight Pants. An Australian woman almost had to have her legs amputated and has collateral nerve damage because her skinny jeans were so tight they cut off circulation to her legs. Scary stuff!