Mugsy has been under a bit of a dark cloud lately. My father passed away this month as my dog (my fur baby of 16 years), some of our other staff has family in the hospital or have been sick themselves and it has simply been a rough start to a busy season. We have worked hard to keep client work moving despite all the issues and all things considered the team has really come through and proven how absolutely amazing it really is.

It used to be just one “Mugsy”, then we were the Mugsy 4, but we’ve grown to 10 talented and incredible staff members and every single person came through during the hard times, proving how much this team will have to celebrate in the good times.

What kept us going? Below is what we’ve focused on to get through the month. We’d love to hear your techniques for when you’re feeling less motivated and inspired than usual too! Tell us in the comments below.

Mugsy Motivation

1. An emergency plan. There is nothing more motivational than having a plan. Knowing what needs to be done step-by-step and who needs to do it is key when situations are out of the ordinary. We are a small firm but we have a hurricane plan, a holiday plan (we close during Christmas to New Years but keep client work going), and when my dad got sick with cancer we made the inevitable “when Emily is out of the office for an extended period of time” plan. It worked and we accomplished more than anyone could imagine over the last few weeks despite it all.

2. A New Office. Kind of like after a break-up when you cut your hair, we decided in August that a new office was in order. We’ve grown and we need the space, and the universe handed us a beautiful one. We move in this week and we are so excited. It has definitely been a big motivation to keep the work going. Now I don’t think everyone should run out and move when they hit a slump, but a change – perhaps a somewhat big one – might just be what is needed to get your team going again. We also highly recommend escape rooms. We represent an incredible one in Boca Raton, but I am sure there are plenty by you too. It’s a great team building activity that gets everyone working together while having some fun.

3. Our Clients. Our motto at Mugsy is to NEVER work with clients we don’t like and respect and whose personalities are a good match for what we do here. We don’t take on accounts just for the money and we vet our clients thoroughly before signing long term contracts to ensure they are the right fit for us as much as us for them. We work HARD for our clients and we only want to do that for people and brands we care about with stories we want to tell the world about. In turn, they care back and have been so understanding during the month, reaching out, sending cards, flowers and condolences. It has truly shown that we have found the right path in this crazy industry.

4. Learning Something New. On the day that everyone felt down and out here at Mugsy we had two choices. Push everyone and make them work or close for the day. So we let clients know and shut down early, but instead of a mid day nap, everyone decided to order lunch and we watched YouTube videos on new programs we’ve been wanting to learn. We made it fun, everyone got to pick some new things to check out and we learned something that will be useful to the success of our clients in the future. Just doing SOMETHING made us feel better about our inner desire to do NOTHING. Also, every time we learned something, we wanted to try it- so we ended up working more, but ENJOYING it!

5. The Internet. Finally, laughter is the best medicine and nothing gets the Mugsy office motivated more than memes and funny videos and since we are ALWAYS on social media for clients, we see a lot of them. Our go-to videos to perk up the mood in the office range from bad lip reading to singing goats to Tik Tok faves, but for some reason this emu with arms really had me giggling (and I truly HATE ostriches and emus so the fact that it made ME laugh says a lot!). Enjoy!